Long Island Bulkhead Installation and Repair Services. If the structural integrity of the bulkhead is in tact, resheathing it could be a cost effective remedy.  We can manage the permitting process for you. We also offer commercial diving services such as underwater inspections, salvage, boat bottom cleaning and mooring maintenance. 



Over time pressure treated and creosote bulkheads become wormed away by marine borers.  This process causes holes in the bulkhead.  During the rise and fall of the tide, fill will begin to leak out through these holes resulting in the loss of fill from behind the bulkhead.  This causes dangerous sinkholes. The soil may appear fine to walk on however, once stepped on, the ground could collapse around someone.  Loss of fill also weakens the structural integrity of the bulkhead making your property vulnerable to erosion, especially during a storm.

If the structural integrity of the bulkhead is in tact and the backing system is doing it’s job, repairing the bulkhead may be an option.  If the backing system is failing and the tie rods are no longer holding the bulkhead in place, replacement is necessary.  Soundview Marine can assess the situation and provide you with the most appropriate and cost effective solution.

In addition to our bulkheading installation and repair services we also build retaining walls, docks, stairs and floats.

We offer permitting services to help expedite the process for you.  


We offer commercial diving services such as boat bottom cleaning, zinc replacements, mooring inspections, chain replacements, salvage and video inspections.